Express Laundry & Dry Cleaning


Express Laundry & Dry Cleaning is a fully attended self-service laundromat, featuring large washers, high-speed machines, free wireless Internet access, and friendly customer care representatives. At Express Laundry & Dry Cleaning customer service spins out of control, thanks to convenience programs such as our Wash-Dry-Fold Service, professional drop-off dry cleaning, and free drying when you wash with us!

Express Laundry & Dry Cleaning’s high-speed washers allow you to fly in and fly out. They clean better and shorten the time it takes to do laundry by removing more water with each spin, resulting in laundry that dries faster and takes you less time. We also offer the most rotund and massive washers around, perfect for bulky items such as comforters, rugs, blankets, and family-sized loads.

Express Laundry & Dry Cleaning understands that your time is valuable. Our Wash-Dry-Fold Service simplifies life for busy parents, professionals, college students, and singles. Simply bring your laundry inside to the store’s customer care representative, and be on your way. Pick your laundry up later at your convenience—perfectly washed, folded, and packaged.

Additionally, Express Laundry & Dry Cleaning offers amenities to make your experience more enjoyable as your laundry is being processed. We provide computer kiosks and free wireless Internet access, to keep you surfing while your laundry is spinning. We also offer amenities for children to enjoy, such as soda, snacks, and video games.